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The subsequent Set of The famous person Wars: The drive Awakens Funko POP Vinyls published! - moviepilot.com

i am hoping each person had a good megastar Wars day! there were loads of big superstar Wars announcements like the next collection of star Wars: The drive Awakens collectibles, which is being launched via Funko of their POP! Vinyl line-up this July! the new line additionally comprises 3 fresh original trilogy figures.


This stormtrooper grew to become out to be a extremely everyday personality as the cyber web fell in love with the traitor-screeching soldier. Many memes have been made of him and now you are able to own him in Funko POP form. He wields his shock weapon, which is the Z6 rebel control baton and he battles Finn to the demise at the battle on Takodana.

accepted Hux

it is incredible that we have not had a ordinary Hux determine yet, doubtless as a result of his figure appears very bland. because Captain Phasma looks so miraculous, she obtained a POP first. despite the fact, this POP is terribly correct.

typical Leia

regular Leia looks respectable all around anyway the proven fact that she has no wrinkles whatsoever.


This Guavian safety soldier was not considered an awful lot in big name Wars: The drive Awakens. however, his armor looks extremely amazing! The POP figure does a great job taking pictures the surprising seem of the suit.

Kylo Ren (unmasked)

We obtained Kylo Ren together with his menacing mask and now we get him without it. youngsters, it's somewhat disappointing that he does not have the scratches on his face just like the leaked idea artwork advised.

Luke Skywalker

it's wonderful how we have become a Luke Skywalker POP from The drive Awakens and he appears cool and all, however I do not understand why they don't provide him grey hair. They acquired it completely on the box artwork however the figure's hair color itself is absolutely off.

Maz Kanata

or not it's astonishing that we've at last obtained a Maz Kanata, our favorite member of the... anything species she is!

Maz Kanata (no goggles)

I needless to say this is an unique (to target), however they did not have to make this. you'll want to simply be capable of elevate up her goggles. I keep in mind that they are looking to capture Maz from the scene where she fingers Finn the lightsaber, however I believe like this become simply made as a result of they ran out of concepts and that they desire greater money.


i do know what you are pondering: the box says this protocol droid that served as a translator at Maz Kanata's fortress is called 'ME-809'. neatly, Funko made a huge typo. The actual identify for this droid is 'ME-8D9'. This goes to assert if Funko can not even get the droid's name correct, it is not made at all.

Poe Dameron

This 'sizzling subject matter' unique edition of Poe Dameron is him wearing the jacket he wore in the starting of the film before Finn begun to wear it.

Poe Dameron (prisoner suit)

one other Poe Dameron POP! determine, exclusive to f.y.e. here's his prisoner go well with from when he turned into captured via the primary Order.


This Walgreens exclusive POP is Rey at the conclusion of the film the place she finds Luke and suggests him his/her lightsaber.

Rey (with pilot helmet)

in case you do not bear in mind what this unique Rey determine is relating to, note her Jakku outfit. She wore this helmet in the starting in the film in her "home", right earlier than she found BB-eight.

Rey (with lightsaber)

Funko most likely could not put this out with the first or even 2d wave of POP figures as it is a enormous spoiler for the movie. If I had to get any of the Rey POP's, it will be this one as she wields her lightsaber for the first time.

Dagobah Yoda

This POP has been lengthy awaited. The traditional Yoda from the fashioned trilogy has been re-created in POP form and that i can't wait to get my hands on it. here's doubtless the most beneficial new POP figure within the whole wave.

Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

we have got Tatooine Luke, Jedi Luke, and even Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker. Now, we finally have the Bespin version of Luke Skywalker, and he looks relatively unbelievable.

Luke Skywalker (Endor)

we are able to finally own the entire diverse Luke Skywalker's now in POP! kind as Endor Luke is the closing one!

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