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artful Dream Castings of Pop culture Personalities and art-World Icons - Flavorwire

We've all performed the dream casting video game, however web page Bitter living via Chemistry takes it to the next level. Delaware-based mostly artist and singer-songwriter Monika Bullette matches an actor or pop way of life personality with noted artistic kinds — most currently, the artists we adore. "The project begun unintentionally when i realized Amanda Peet's resemblance to Tracey Emin — it's uncanny," Bullette advised Flavorwire through e mail. "I acquired hooked matching the artist with the actor and every dream casting threw me down the rabbit hole of every adult's oeuvre. I feel it's a brand new solution to hyperlink pop way of life to a realm that many folk are intimidated through or simply no longer aware about. and i've learned lots." we will't stop imagining Tilda Swinton headlining a Roy Lichtenstein biopic. And where the heck is the Gillian Anderson/Meret Oppenheim and Cate Blanchett/Lee Miller surrealist film we under no circumstances kn ew we vital in our lives? See extra art-world dream castings in our gallery.

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