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Pop-lifestyle names valuable of Kentucky Derby horses - us of a today

Come on, racehorse house owners, you can do more suitable. (picture: David J. Phillip, AP)

If we're honest, the names of this year's Kentucky Derby horses have not precisely impressed us to call our bookies.

So, seeing as how i'm the lone member of the Entertain This! crew with ties to the Bluegrass State and the just one whose Hunter boots have basically considered the internal of a sturdy, I've taken it upon myself to get a hold of a couple of pop-culture themed assistance for future Derby horse names:

Watch Me Neigh Neigh

NBC introduced Olympic determine-skating commentator Johnny Weir to the Derby and he didn't disappoint. not best has he brought "My Little Pony realness" to the event, but he's donning a brooch that gallops in line with the Twitter hashtag #WatchMeNeighNeigh. How has this identify now not been registered with the Jockey membership yet? it be so obvious.

Lipinksi and Weir commentary: no longer just for determine skating. (photograph: Frazer Harrison, Getty photographs)

Chewie We're home

A jockey is a pilot of kinds. Let's honor one in all superstar Wars' greatest.

If he can do the Kessel Run in lower than 12 parsecs, how quick can he knock out the Derby's two kilometer run? (picture: Disney by way of AP)


but best as a result of "i am no longer crazy, my mother had me verified" would take too lengthy for the commentators to spit out.

Hercules Mulligan

sure, Hamilton's theatrical legacy is already relaxed, however why now not honor the musical's drinker-tailor-soldier-spy personality with an equine namesake? or not it's now not even that an awful lot of a stretch:  The ancient figures were all solid equestrians and tony-nominated actor Jonathan Groff, who performed King George III, is the son of a horse coach.  (Bonus elements if the Churchill Downs announcer definitely chants,"'Brrrah, brrrrah, here comes Hercules Mulligan down the stretch!")

Lock up ya daughters and horses, of direction. (photo: Joan Marcus)

Becky With the first rate Hair

We gotta have as a minimum one option for the fillies. So why not the one foremost-well-known line from Lemonade? certain, Becky can be a bit primary, but it does not imply she can't run like hell.

electric observe lifestyles

We needed to include as a minimum one Prince-themed entry, so we opted for this one from the sermon into to Let's Go loopy. Plus, Prince changed into jockey-sized and who would not want to see a jockey in pink silks racing down the domestic stretch?

We additionally like Breakfast Can Wait, the single whose cover paintings featured Dave Chappelle in full Prince hair and makeup, retaining a platter of pancakes from the infamous "game: Blouses" sketch.


You don't need the other jockeys to understand you are coming up on them from the outdoor, so why not do it on a horse named for the place of birth of video game of Thrones' legendary faceless assassins? the numerous-confronted God would also be a pretty badass name.

Getting a horse to swallow a pill looks plenty like this. (photo: HBO)

And for the hardcore Jon Snow fans ...

Lord Commander

Our first option would were the Bastard of Winterfell, but there's no means that one passes muster with the Jockey membership registration individuals. So we went with Lord Commander, his rank within the night's Watch before his black brothers went all stabby on him. it's additionally how the writers and producers talked about equipment Harington in the scripts and call sheets when his persona turned into speculated to be useless. Works for us!

if he can come again to lifestyles, he can come from the back of the box to win. (picture: HBO)

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