Sabtu, 21 Mei 2016

Kanye West Is Bringing the 'TLOP' Pop-Up shop to L.A. -

When Kanye West opened a pop-up store in NYC to convey The lifetime of Pablo merch off of the Instagram feeds of his sisters-in-legislations and into the closets of the public, it became hugely successful. Insane strains wrapped across the block for hours, and West claims that the shop brought in a groovy million in earnings. 

Now, West is determined to capitalize on that momentum in the city of Angels, as he just announced that the TLOP pop-up is coming to Hollywood might also 21 and 22.

The store is determined to offer a lot extra of the lengthy-sleeved t-shirts we now have seen sported by using West himself, but it appears like Angelenos (and, well, americans on the cyber web now too apparently) get a play at some area-certain merch that wasn't accessible to the NYC set:

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