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Alex Edgeworth Returns to Denver With Peach Kelli Pop - Westword

Alex Edgeworth (center), formerly of Denver's Lust-Cats of the Gutters, plays guitar with Kelli Peach Pop.expand

Alex Edgeworth (middle), formerly of Denver's Lust-Cats of the Gutters, plays guitar with Kelli Peach Pop.

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"We went to a flea market these days, and there became a sign that pointed out 'Tasers on special' subsequent to a sign that talked about 'precise Cool Knives' or whatever thing. This place has, like, the worst humans," says Alex Edgeworth with amusing. Her phone is half-functioning, so she's blasting this speakerphone conversation out to an empty beach someplace near Jacksonville, Florida.

Edgeworth is catching some downtime before tonight's reveal with garage-pop band Peach Kelli Pop, a Burger information staple fronted by way of mastermind Allie Hanlon. notwithstanding she's been taking part in her own tune for a very long time, this newest experience — as a hired-gun guitarist — is a primary for the multi-instrumentalist. She joined Peach Kelli Pop shortly after moving to la, however long before that, she changed into an integral part of the Colorado music community.

Born in manhattan and raised in Rhode Island and Florida, Edgeworth made her technique to Colorado in the early 2000s to attend Naropa college in Boulder. here's the place she began playing music, co-founding the thrashy pop two-piece Lust-Cats of the Gutters round 2009 with guitarist and singer Robin Edwards, who now lives in Seattle and performs as Lisa Prank (Edwards is also a former Westword writer).

"I variety of Forrest-Gumped my manner into the circumstance," Edgeworth says of beginning that first band. "i wanted to play drums for a really long term, but it surely hadn't crossed my mind that it became something I might simply do. i believed I'd kill two birds with one stone: I'll be in a band and be trained the drums as i'm going."

The strategy labored neatly for both chums, who have been researching how to be a band together. "We were just very useful about the entire thing," Edgeworth recalls with fun. "We were like, smartly, we're a band now. I guess we'd enhanced find a practice space and say, 'every Tuesday, we're going to observe.' We set modest desires for ourselves; it nearly felt like a faculty project. It was like we have been on the same science group and needed to come up with a blue-ribbon prize."

The musical lab companions went on to develop into staples of the Denver/Boulder DIY group, taking part in indicates, traveling, releasing an album on the Burger label and reserving shows for other bands. Edgeworth realized lots from these first few years as a Lust-Cat: "I believe it set a really good common for a way I think about being in bands now; it's like, maintain your cool, rejoice and hold your eye on the ball."

In 2011, Edgeworth all started to believe that she had outgrown Denver, so she headed to Vermont to be part of the chuffed Jawbone family unit Band. primarily based in Brattleboro and composed of buddies, the community necessary a keyboardist and singer, and Edgeworth essential a transformation. "They had been very clever, highly creative, and absolute freaks who have been attracted to being relaxed and making psychedelic tune, and that was actually attractive to me," she says of her newfound scene.

"Denver is a really male town; it's a spot where you gown in black and get cube tattooed in your neck," she says, half-jokingly. "It started to consider like any other scene, where punk and metal and hardcore and that sort of pandering, gothic Americana can have these annoyed-male overtones. I consider additionally because I'm a tomboy and that i subconsciously need to be one of the vital boys, and i are looking to keep up — smartly, I seem to be again on that and suppose, 'Who cares?' Why did I care? It didn't depend."

whereas Lust-Cats of the Gutters turned into a self-taught lesson in being in a band, being part of the venerable western Massachusetts song scene confirmed Edgeworth simply how versatile her own playing may be. She begun a new mission referred to as fowl Names, which she describes as "arrhythmic, with a lot of texture," after which there was the solo work that she carried out alongside multi-instrumentalist friend Ruth Garbus.

eventually Edgeworth left for L.A. — her pondering become, "I haven't tried this place yet" — and once there, she endured to work on solo movements. She wrote songs and recorded all contraptions, looping sounds herself on a Tascam eight-track cassette recorder. This challenge is now known as mattress Bits, and she's assembling a lineup to make it a reside band.

referring to her latest stint travelling with Peach Kelli Pop, Edgeworth says that the event of becoming a member of an already universal band that runs like a smartly-oiled computer sets a better standard for her as a player. "It's a extremely L.A. experience," she explains. "individuals rotate via bandmembers pretty often in L.A. and don't bat a watch once they're hiring digital strangers as their next bass player or some thing. That turned into tremendous-bizarre for me. i used to be like, isn't this like opting for a roommate off of Craigslist? but L.A. is so big, it's practically a necessity."

educating herself to play assorted contraptions, jogging herself through the recording technique, trying out for bands and touring amongst a lot of music scenes have all made Edgeworth the multi-intention, cross-genre song generator she is today. "i was a shy, unhappy child who simply desired to be able to lay claim to whatever thing unbelievable," says Edgeworth. "I believe like that's what I'm doing now."

Peach Kelli Pop, 9 p.m. Thursday, may also 26, hello-dive, 7 South Broadway, 303-733-0230, $8-10, 21+.

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