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Breaking stereotypes with their own tackle k-Pop - PRI

Ask most track lovers what they know about k-pop and they're going to doubtless point out Psy and his massive world hit, "Gangnam vogue." 

however there are a whole bunch different artists making Korean pop song — and they're now not all Korean. 

check out CoCo Avenue, a duo primarily based in l. a.. You may additionally think they hail from LA's Koreatown, however Jenny Lyric is firstly from St. Louis and Jenna Rose become born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. and they're both African American. 

Lyric and Rose both found out ok-pop from looking at videos on You Tube, notably the wonder women, a girl community from South Korea. "Seeing their video on You Tube become kinda the gateway to seeing each other okay-pop act after that," Lyric says. This turned into in 2009. 

each ladies began making track videos on their own, posted them on You Tube, and built a following, seperately. but then lovers all started difficult them. "individuals would message Jenny, thinking i was her," says Rose. 

eventually it was Lyric who reached out and referred to "I consider we're kinda like twins. Let's do some covers together." 

as a result of they're no longer Korean, both ladies believe they've "opened a lot of doorways ... about what is ok-pop," says Rose. 

but some critics say what they are doing isn't in reality k-pop. And most of the comments come from these in Korean American communities. The leading cost they make is that CoCo Avenue is not definitely contributing cash to Korea, hence it be no longer actually ok-pop. Lyric says, "or not it's not so much what we classify ourselves as." Rose provides, "We similar to to sing in Korean."

And sing in Korean they did — to lovers in Seoul. They currently performed a concert there and obtained an enormous, advantageous response. enthusiasts, of direction, diagnosed the songs, as most of what CoCo Avenue sings are covers of regular k-pop tunes. however Lyric is brief to add that "or not it's our intention to position our own thing, our personal sound, into what they've already created. and that i consider the people who watch our covers recognize that we take that twist on it."

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