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Japan pop star stabbed two dozen instances after refusing man's present - Chicago Tribune

The police discovered 27-12 months-historical Tomohiro Iwazaki close the Tokyo concert venue with a bloody, 3-inch-long folding knife within sight.

Iwazaki admitted he had lost his mood. He'd sent a present to pop star Mayu Tomita, 20, which she refused.

So, Iwazaki noted to the officials, he attacked her.

"I sent a present (to Tomita) nevertheless it was returned," Iwazaki told the police, in response to the South China Morning post. "I requested her why but she gave an evasive answer, so I grew to be mad and stabbed her a large number of instances."

The pop big name had two dozen cuts and stab wounds to her neck, returned, hands and chest, stories the Japan times. Tomita, who had up to now alerted authorities that Iwazaki became stalking her, is unconscious and is still in essential condition. The proprietor of a nearby restaurant pointed out "a trail of blood and a bloodstained masks had been discovered on stairs leading to the room where the concert become to take location," based on the times.

Tomita is one of Japan's so-known as idols, young pop stars who can skyrocket to repute, buoyed by means of throngs of adoring fanatics. possibly the most famous of Japan's idol supergroups is AKB48, which now boasts more than 100 girls, often of their teens to early 20s. observing an AKB48 efficiency -- the aggregate of formative years and delusion bordering on lasciviousness -- has been compared to viewing a Balthus portray.

The fee of an idol's repute, despite the fact, commonly comes with hyper-restrictive contracts. normal clauses can bar an idol from marrying or courting, the BBC mentioned in January. One business government advised Japan nowadays that idols' schedules, in addition, are kept so tightly managed discovering time for a romantic associate is prohibitive.

The intention is a curated experience of kawaii, of cuteness that isn't easily lovable. Kawaii is "now not just whatever thing you love," school of Tokyo's Roland Kelts told The Washington post in 2008. "it be anything you want to protect." When 20-year-old Minami Minegishi, an idol in AKB48, admitted to spending an evening along with her boyfriend in 2013, she shaved her head and offered a public apology for being "inconsiderate and immature," according to the BBC.

celeb stalking is via no skill remoted to Japan; as a contemporary example, sportscaster Erin Andrews become awarded $fifty five million in a greatly-publicized stalking case. but after Minegishi's apology, the Japan times criticized idol fan tradition as "institutionally incapable of dealing with independence in younger women. It seeks out and fetishizes weaknesses and vulnerabilities" as part of a manufactured narrative.

The attack on Tomita mirrors the assault on two individuals of AKB48, who had been struck at a fan "handshake" experience in may additionally 2014. A 24-year-ancient man wielding a handsaw broke the correct arms of Anna Iriyama, 18, and Rina Kawae, 19, earlier than safety may restrain him.

The Japan instances reports that somebody idea to be Iwazaki had sent threatening Twitter messages to Tomita. "i'll under no circumstances overlook that i used to be appeared down upon by way of you," one examine.

Police plan to can charge Iwazaki, based on the instances, with tried homicide.

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